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How to Write Your First Blog?

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How to Write Your First Blog

Did you ever question yourself about how to write your first blog?

Yes! You read it right and if you are on my blog, reading this, that means that you are contemplating to start your own blog or are reading up on several books and blogs and looking at Vlogs and thinking about ways to be different and interesting yet convey exactly what you feel.

Generally we do find ourselves in a fix because there are so many topics and almost entirely the top bloggers / vloggers or writers have already covered those bases extensively.


Perfect is boring

When you embark on an idea of creating something unique or contribute to the world a helping hand and you want it to be perfect, the pressure and expectation is created by yourself. It becomes impossible and that idea is never executed or shared; because perfection is a myth according to me as to better oneself one cannot be perfect. If and only if something is perfect there is no future scope and so it will eventually become boring.


The first blog

I have been through all these pressures that I created for me and after the realization, this is officially my first blog. I have a wide range of interests personally but the most difficult and terrifying question that I faced was how to write my first blog and what should it be about?.


So I am writing this to actually help give a little push to those people who are starting off.

Let me start by saying that –

  1. There is no one particular format to start off
  2. There are no right and wrongs as Blogs are your personal views based on experience of the facts or just observational’, where you can share links and images and interesting anecdotes.
  3. Blogs are always in digital format
  4. It can become a revenue generator depending on the kind of response one gets and followers one has.
  5. The one thing that is the sure step to start writing is to just start with a word or a line and to keep reading books, books are a great source of learning and that could be any kind of book.


Information overload

Blogs have become an important tool as it takes the reader on a journey with the writer about their experience.

There is so much of information to consume that a blogger who processes the information with their personal experience becomes the key and outlines and guides the reader through the journey in one concise article.


Brave Little Step

Just today (4th Jan 2020) I read an article that resonated with the phase I am in. It was by Shaunta Grimes at Medium. The article talks about taking the first step

– Whatever You really Want, it begins With One Brave Little Step. She talks about an initiative or a change that is needed to kick start your journey. Asking questions to oneself that gives the insight to the reader’s thoughts too about their own challenges and things that they need to change or develop.

Before today, I have been working at, reading and trying to come up with interesting topics and my experiences to share with you for almost a year now, and finally today I am taking that brave little step.

All of these months mounting up to the start of the blog, I have been following a lot of vloggers, bloggers and writers. One of the very popular YouTube Vlogger – ‘Amy Landino’  whom I follow on YouTube as well as her PODCAST channel; she has been an inspiration for me. She has always said that you have to surround yourself with people who lift you up and to never mind the ‘Nay Sayers’. I have learnt a very important thing from her channel that you have to want ‘to go after the life that you want’ Her channel and a lot of other articles and books have helped me push through my barriers.

You may or may not get what you are looking for in this article; but I can say this with full confidence that for every individual the experience of starting a new blog is different. Your blog post will be definitely different because it is your journey.

I chose to write about the questions and challenges that I faced and that I think a lot of ‘new to blogging’ people face. Do share what your first blog will be or what was you first blog about?



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