Kolkata Rains

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And the pitter-patter had just started! Looking out of my window I saw the long serpentine queue of daily commuters waiting for an auto rickshaw. Seeing this, like many other Kolkatans I started cursing that the rain has to start only when I am ready to go to office. Can’t it rain in the night when the whole world sleeps, although some are awake for quite a few reasons.  Braving the rains with an umbrella I stepped out of my apartment only to find out that the street just outside has started flooding.  I join the queue to catch an auto rickshaw with a constant look in my cell phone screen to find out how much time I have before my cab leaves from the pickup point.  With impatience building inside me and others as well I see people looking for alternative means (other than the auto) to reach their destinations. Anyways finally able to hop on to an auto rickshaw and able to catch my cab I was relieved.

Now since this is a shared cab, I find people busy with various activities, with some doing the very obvious thing i.e. listening to music, some glued to their cell phone screen in the world of social media, while some engaged over a call, oh wait.. Some are sleeping as well and I myself do this most of the times while going to office. It is so refreshing isn’t it?


As the cab moves on, and since it is raining, one thing is obvious, Traffic Jam! I open up the Google maps on my location I see only deep reds. Sigh! When will I reach office is in every one’s thoughts.  Traversing through the potholed road and getting the jerk, I keep wishing that I had a drone that could lift me up and take me to office: D.

Getting back to real life, I saw that I was only half way to my office and it seemed that ETA to reach office was tending to infinity. A funny article that I had read somewhere came to mind that traffic jam is so huge in a particular Indian city that people joke that while leaving for office if a person opens a Fixed Deposit till the time he reaches office the fixed deposit would mature: D

Jokes apart, I finally reached office and it was business as usual.

Monsoon in Kolkata might cause some inconvenience for daily commute but it does help in cleaning up the air which brings much relief to all and when the murky clouds clear up, you get to see the true blue sky which we seldom get to see… thanks to the rising levels of air pollution.

Hope to see you soon… Adios till next time.

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4 thoughts on “Kolkata Rains

  1. This was a fun read 😀 …sleeping while off to office and a drone hunnh …!!! 😀 …High hopes 😀 😀
    Rains are always welcome as long as they don’t flood the roads 🙁
    Nice one though… 🙂

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