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Queenstown is undisputedly one of the most beautiful & divine places on earth. Adding to its own picturesque views are its endless adventure sports & adrenaline rush. Queenstown is in the Southern island of New Zealand and it’s also famously known as the birthplace of Bungee Jumping and other endless list of adventure sports.

Before I start writing my first blog about my Kiwi experience, I would like to introduce myself. I’m not a professional blogger, I like travelling to new places,hence thought that my experience might be helpful to others who are planning a NZ trip soon.

For me, NZ has always been a dream trip & as I was about to finish my onsite assignment in Melbourne, I thought of giving it a chance due to its close proximity to Australia. As I didn’t have much time,  I planned to only visit Christchurch and Queenstown over the span of a week. If you are planning to visit both the northern and southern islands, you need to have an elaborate itinerary covering all the places. I planned my trip to Christchurch and Queenstown.



If you are a true adventurer or scenic lover, this is the place to be! One doesn’t have enough vocabulary to explain the beauty of this place. It is like God’s own land: serene, divine, pure and unadulterated.  The exceptional cleanliness would definitely be an utter delight for all tourists. The snowcapped mountains, surrounding the city with its angelic wings makes it dreamy and unreal, far away from the chaos and city traffic.

I’m going to suggest some of my top pocket-friendly picks which you shouldn’t miss if you are planning a whirlwind tour of this happening Kiwi paradise. I am not much of an adventure sports lover, so I haven’t tried the sports myself but I have seen the adrenaline rush one can experience while jumping off from the Kawaru Bridge. NZ Bungee has a tradition of its own. It’s the world’s first Bungee and you can take the leap of faith from 141 meters into the stunning Kawarau river.

I would provide an approx. pocket pinch for Queenstown including the places I have visited (all amounts are in NZ dollars):

  1. E-Visa Cost for NZ is approx. $190 depending from where you apply. It’s usually hassle free & turn-around time is one week.
  2. I booked Element Escapes Apartments ( – $450 for 3 nights (N.B – Nice ambience, well maintained and friendly staff. 10 mins drive from the city Centre.)
  3. Milford Sound Day Trip – $ 250 (including hotel pick up/drop, bus ride to Milford via Te Anau, cruise ride and lunch included) – (N.B- Multiple packages are available in the website, can you choose based on your priority)
  4. Skyline Ropeway – Gondola & Luge Ride (Approx. $60 per head) –
  5. Jet Board and Cruise Ride across the City – Starting from $12 and these rides are available entire day (Check out the  special attraction – although I was scared enough to ride .  I don’t know what is the name of this Jetboat but it was submersible and it resembled a shark – )


Milford Sound Day Trip :

Rudyard Kipling called Milford Sound as the Eighth wonder of the world. Some places don’t need any introduction. Milford Sound is one of them, its calmness, solitude will leaveanyone spellbound. Special thanks for the NZ tourism department for maintaining this place so well. You can either stay in MS or you can go for a day trip if you are staying in Queenstown. Usually day trips will include lunch/snacks, bus transport from your hotel and Cruise ride in MS.


Lake Te Anau


Depending on the duration of trip, there are various packages which you can opt for. I took a day tour inclusive food and transport which had cost me 285 NZ dollars. I previously thought the trip was quite costly, but after seeing this visual extravaganza, one can’t agree more that it was worth every penny. I have visited this place during off season in August, it was quite cold around 5-7 degrees. Best time to visit this place is during summer (November till February) but it’s costly as well. If you want to enjoy a cheap, pocket friendly trip you can plan your trip in between August to November.


Milford Sound


The bus picked us from the hotel at 7 am in the morning. After making a stop for breakfast, we reached MS by 12 Noon. Our cruise ride was for an hour and half. It was a fully guided tour along with food on board. The surreal breath-taking beauty left us speechless. You can consider yourself lucky if you visit this place during monsoon, MS is surrounded by rain forest creating beautiful huge permanent waterfalls everywhere and monsoon adds an undefined aura to this heaven. This moody world of grey skies, soft cloud, ethereal sprays and cascading streams is pure magic. Attached with the isolated nature of this place, it’s easy to believe you’ve been transported back in time to some primeval era. Talking of water falls, you should not miss the last attraction on the Cruise ride, Stirling Falls. Grab a spot on the front of the cruise to feel the full force of the 10,000-year-old waterfall. Mythical Legend says that a glacial facial from Stirling Falls can make you look 10 years younger! Although it’s not true, it’s a refreshing experience.


Scenic view on the way to Lake Te Anau


Destination: Fjordland


Queenstown day trip:

Skyline Trip – Gondola and Luge

Don’t miss the Skyline trip as you can see the beauty lovely view of Queentown’s skyline. If you just want to take in the city’s skyline view. You can walk around Bob’s Peak or you can  take the  Gondola. It’s the steepest in the Southern Hemisphere, and quite quick. Although the price is a bit costly for this tour, the breath taking view was totally worth it. Either hike or ride a gondola but definitely go to top, there are two luge tracks, where you sit in little plastic wheeled sleds, and race down one of the courses. There are great views and a lot of fun when you slide down the steep luge pavements.



View from the Skyline Rotorua restaurant


Make sure you have the famous “The Fergburger” at Fergburger restaurant in Queenstown before leaving.


The famous Fergburger Wall



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