Travelling through the Fjords of Norway

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Although the majestic and scenic fjords are reason enough to visit Norway, it also has a deep heritage and rich culture to explore. Before travelling to Norway, the most important thing that you need to consider is the season. If you want to enjoy the scenic beauty of the fjords, the best time to go is during the summer (Late June – Early August).

I went there during the end of June and was extremely lucky to be blessed with an excellent weather throughout my travel. I used public transports of Norway to move from one place to another. The public transports are very well organized but they are managed by different companies in different regions. Hence it will be a little challenging when planning your itinerary as you will need to refer multiple websites/apps etc. I will however try my best to make the process as easy as possible for you.

This is the second part of my Scandinavia Trip. If you want to read about the first part (comprising Denmark,Sweden and Helsinki), please follow this link.

Following is my travel itinerary in Norway encompassing 7 Nights and 8 days:

Day 1: Bergen

Day 2: Hardangerfjord and Bergen

Day 3: Flam Railway, Flam, Stegastein Viewpoint, Naeroyfjord and Gudvangen

Day 4: Flam, Sognefjord and Balestrand

Day 5: Fjaerlandsfjord, Glacier Museum, Boyabreen Glacier, Supphellebreen Glacier and Stryn

Day 6: Hellesylt, Geirangerfjord, Geiranger, Fjellstua viewpoint,  Alesund and Oslo

Day 7: Museum Island sightseeing in Oslo

Day 8: Oslo


Additional Information:

My Accommodations


Local food and Drink you can Try

Travel Tips


Day 1: Bergen

I arrived at Bergen airport during Noon and upon reaching the city, I saw that it simply was the most picturesque city that I have been to. With the coloured houses in the docks and the small coloured houses placed along the sides of the hills, it was looking extremely pretty.



I took a walk within the city through parks and along a pond to the railway station in order to collect the tickets (pre-booked) for my Hardangerfjord in a Nutshell Tour for the next day. Since I was living near the docks area in the city, this walk helped me to see a major part of the city.



After that, I had a nice lunch at a restaurant (Anne Madam) near the docks. I recommend trying the whale steak.



After lunch, I took the Floibanen funicular to the Floyen viewpoint. It was a one way 5-7 minutes journey but totally worth it. Floyen viewpoint had an awesome view of the Bergen city and I felt I could sit there forever and watch the view. There were also gift shops and cafes here in case you need refreshments and souvenirs.



After spending quite some amount of time there, I went down back through the funicular to the Bergen city and had dinner (at Anne Madam). I recommend trying the grilled salmon and 7fjell Citrus Wheat beer.



Day 2: Hardangerfjord and Bergen

On this day, I had booked the Hardangerfjord in a Nutshell tour, which was a tour combined with various public transports in that region. It comprised of a scenic train journey to Voss, followed by a picturesque bus journey to Ulvik. From there we took a ferry ride to Eidfjord. Here we boarded a bus to go see the Voringsfossen waterfall and Norwegian Cature Centre, Hardanger. The view from here was absolutely splendid.



While returning we were taken through an alternative route on a ferry through the majestic Hardangerfjord. Overall it was extremely exciting and well managed (even though it was essentially just piecing together multiple public transits). TIP: I suggest packing your lunch before starting as you will mostly always be on the move and might not have time to buy food.



I returned to Bergen at evening, which I spent by taking a slow walk from the station to the docks and had dinner (at Anne Madam). I recommend trying the Monkfish.



Day 3: Flam Railway, Flam, Stegastein Viewpoint, Naeroyfjord and Gudvangen

On this day, I took a train from Bergen to Myrdal in the morning. Myrdal railway station has nothing to do apart from a café and a souvenir shop. However the view around it was extremely nice. It was pretty chilly here and it felt like I was surrounded on all sides by mountains. I took the famous scenic railway from Myrdal to Flam and it definitely lives up to its reputation. Though scenic views are pretty common in Norway, the experience as a whole was amazing. There was a 5 minute stop in front of a beautiful waterfall where a lady comes out from the train to sing. After that we reached Flam.



Flam is a very small but extremely scenic town. It is in a valley surrounded by mountains on all sides and at the end of Aurlandsfjord. Every day, a small food market opens during day and you can taste local cuisine. Apart from that, you can also have food in the local cafes and I recommend visiting the Aegir Pub and Brewery for the locally brewed beer. I recommend trying out their Beer tasting menu (5 types of locally brewed beer) There is a small picnic area where you can just sit and enjoy the view of the fjord too. There is also a large tourist information centre along with a souvenir shop.



At noon, I went to the Stegastein Viewpoint, which is very near to Flam. That is a must-see for everyone to really comprehend the beauty of the fjord.



During evening, I took the Naeroyfjord cruise from Flam to Gudvangen. The view along the way was mesmerizing.





Gudvangen is a small village with a handful of houses, surrounded by mountains and at the end of Naeroyfjord. I stayed there for the night.


Day 4: Flam, Sognefjord and Balestrand


In the next morning, after breakfast I headed off to Flam again. I spent some time walking and appreciating the beauty of the place and at noon I boarded the ferry heading off to Balestrand. The ferry itself was a scenic experience as it moved through the mighty Sognefjord (King of the Fjords).



In Balestrand, there was not much to do, but the view of the Sognefjord was really beautiful. I would recommend booking a sea-facing room here as it is really worth the money.



I had dinner in a local cafe named Gekkens. I would recommend having the set menu with fish soup, grilled salmon and coffee/tea.



Day 5: Fjaerlandsfjord, Glacier Museum, Boyabreen Glacier, Supphellebreen Glacier and Stryn

On this day, I boarded the morning ferry to Fjaerland. Again, the scenic beauty of the Fjord (Fjaerlandsfjord) was out of this world.



After reaching Fjaerland, I boarded the glacier sightseeing bus, and headed off to see the glacier museum and the two glaciers ( Boyabreen and Supphellebreen). The glaciers were really beautiful andit was  a new experience for me. Note: You can see two glaciers only if you are taking the morning tour. In the afternoon, the bus takes you to only one glacier.





While returning, I had the option of going back to Fjaerland or getting off at the glacier museum. I got off at the museum as I wanted to take the bus to Skei and then change at Skei to head towards Stryn. I had a long wait (as the number of buses are not very frequent) near the museum but there was a sitting area and a café. Also, the view made the wait less strenuous. I changed the bus at Skei and got on a bus heading towards Stryn and reached Stryn in the evening.



I had my dinner at the Stryn Hotel. I recommend taking the buffet dinner as the a-la-carte is comprised of items from the buffet without too much price difference.

Day 6: Hellesylt, Geirangerfjord, Geiranger, Fjellstua viewpoint, Alesund and Oslo


Next day, early morning, I got on the bus to Hellesylt. Hellesylt is a small town again with only a handful of buildings. Make sure to pack your breakfast as nothing was open at the morning here. I boarded the ferry to Geiranger. Geirangerfjord is one of UNESCO’s world heritage sites. Once you start moving deeper into the fjord, you will be able to comprehend the unreal beauty of the place. Especially once you start heading towards Geiranger, it will feel like you are in a dream. I was lucky enough to see a blue fog, from which Geiranger seemed to be slowly become visible. While Hellesylt was 22 deg C that day, within 30 mins, when we reached Geiranger, the temperature at Geiranger was 6 deg C. the ferry stops for 30 minutes in Geiranger. I did not get off as I had a two-way ticket back again to Hellesylt.






Once I reached Hellesylt, my initial itinerary was to go to Alesund via Hjorundfjord. I had booked a combined tour from FRAM (the local transport operator). But their ferry was broken; hence they provided us with a bus to take us to Alesund on an alternative route. Although I was dejected at the beginning, it turned out to be great as the bus driver was kind enough to go out of his way and take us to Fjellstua viewpoint near Alesund to really admire the beauty of the city.





Alesund was a pretty big town and there were many houses which were connected via waterways instead of roads, so it looked beautiful. I headed off from Alesund to Oslo in the evening at reached Oslo at night.



I had dinner in Oslo at Engebret Café. I would recommend having the Scandinavian Tasting appetizer and Halibut along with aquavit.


Day 7: Museum Island sightseeing in Oslo

Firstly, if you are planning to visit more than a couple of museums or tourist attractions, I suggest you take the Oslo pass as it gives you access to all the museums and the city’s public transport too.  I suggest taking the scenic route on the ferry from the Bygdoyfergene area in the city to the Museum Island.



There are 6 museums in the island (namely: Viking Ship Museum, Fram Polar Ship Museum, The Kon-Tiki Museum, The Norwegian Museum of Cultural History, Norwegian Maritime Museum &  The Holocaust Center ). I visited 5 of them (I did not visit the Holocaust Center).  I suggest visiting at least these five in order to get some knowledge about Nordic history and culture. The museums are within walking distance of each other. Also if you have the Oslo Pass, you can hop on to the buses moving from one museum to the other.




After about 3-4 hours, I came back to the city centre via bus. I headed off to view the Akershus castle. The view of Oslo from the top is fascinating. I then visited the Norwegian Parliament and although we were not allowed to enter into the building, the architecture was impressive.




I had dinner at Solsiden restaurant. I will recommend having the Turbot along with Aquevit.



Day 8: Oslo

Now, the trip, like all good things was coming to an end. I spent this day mostly walking through the old part of the city and by the shoreline, recollecting the experience of the entire trip in the majestic and picturesque land of the Vikings.


My Accommodations:

Bergen: Airbnb (near City Centre)

Gudvangen: Gudvangen Fjordtell & Apartments

Balestrand: Balestrand Hotel

Stryn: Stryn Hotel

Oslo: Airbnb (near City Centre)



Bergen Airport to Bergen City: Skyss Light Rail (Tickets available at Bergen Airport)

Bergen City to/from Floyen: Floibanen Funicular (Tickets available at tourist information centre near docks and also at the Floibanen station)

Hardangerfjord in a Nutshell Tour: Fjord tours (Tickets available from )

Bergen to Myrdal: NSB (Tickets available at )

Myrdal to Flam: NSB (Tickets available at )

Stegastein Tour: Visitflam (Tickets available at )

Flam to Gudvangen ( Naeroyfjord cruise): Visitflam (Tickets available at )

Gudvangen to Flam (Shuttle Bus): Visitflam (Tickets available at )

Flam to Balestrand (Express Ferry):

Balestrand to Fjaerland (Fjaerlandsfjord Cruise): Visitflam (Tickets available at )

Fjaerland to the Glaciers and Glacier Museum (Glacier sightseeing): Tickets available on board the bus

Glacier Museum to Skei:  Tickets available on board the bus (Timings correspond with the Fjaerlandsfjord cruise ferry)

Skei to Stryn: Tickets available on board the bus (Check timings at )

Stryn to Hellesylt: Tickets available on board the bus (Check timings at )

Hellesylt to Geiranger (Geirangerfjord cruise): Visitflam (Tickets available at )

Original Itinerary: Geiranger to Alesund (via Hjorundfjord): Tickets available at

Alesund to Oslo: via flight

Oslo airport to City: NSB (Tickets available at Oslo Airport)

Transportation and museum tickets within Oslo: Oslo Pass (Available at )

Oslo City to airport: NSB (Tickets available at Oslo Sentrum Station)


Local food and Drink you can Try:


Whale Meat

Elk Meat

Reindeer Meat



Norwegian Salmon











7Fjell beer (available in Bergen, I recommend trying at least the Citrus Wheat blend)

The beer tasting menu in Aegir Local pub and Brewery, Flam (A set of 5 totally different tasting locally crafted beer)

Aquevit (loosely translated to “water of life”): It is a kind of liquor which is especially famous in the Scandinavian region. Different types of blends and flavours are available. I would recommend asking your waiter/server to help pair it appropriately with your food.


Travel Tips:

Try to travel as light as possible. I travelled with only a large backpack (sized to fit as hand baggage in airplanes) and an additional messenger bag.

When traveling in summer, make sure to pack these:

  • Sunglass
  • Suntan lotion (minimum SPF 30)
  • One water-resistant thick layered Jacket
  • One thin fleece jacket/hoodie
  • One Scarf
  • One woolen cap
  • Raincoat (although I was fortunate to not needing it)
  • Comfortable pair of sneakers (water-resistant if possible)
  • First aid/ emergency medicine

Please note that weather changes very rapidly in Norway. So at one moment if you are wearing shorts, the next moment it might be cold enough to wear a jacket.

You can drink tap water in most places in Norway as it is extremely clean.


This is the second part of my Scandinavia Trip. If you want to read about the first part (comprising Denmark,Sweden and Helsinki), please follow this link.


Hopefully, you have found this blog informative and interesting. Apart from these, please feel free to ask me any specific query or feedback that you have in the comment section.

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    It was truly informative and enjoyable. It was as if I was travelling with you. Also your information on food has ignited my desire to be in Norway once more.

    Superb travel blog and keep posting your future travel tales

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